Flum Pebble Aloe Grape – Disposable Vape Flavors

Succulent grapes intertwine with calming aloe, crafting an exquisite symphony for your taste buds. Enjoy this savory flavor with no oil refills or build deck maintenance thanks to its pre-filled disposable design.

The Flum Pebble is the next generation of one of FLUM’s most popular portable rechargeable vape devices. This rechargeable vaporizer is available in a variety of delicious flavors and features a 6000 puffs rechargeable battery.


Succulent grapes intertwine with calming aloe to create a fruity symphony of flavors that dance on the taste buds. Flowing with a light ice and aloe finish, this Flum Pebble flavor is smooth and satisfying with every draw.

Each disposable pod holds 14ml of salt nicotine e-juice with a 5% nicotine concentration, providing 6000 puffs. The rechargable battery is easily accessible for quick, convenient vaping sessions with no filling or swapping needed.

In addition to the original Flum Pebble, a few other variants are available in the 6000-Puffs Disposable Vapor Device lineup. Lucious Watermelon is a refreshing and delightfully sweet treat with a splash of cooling menthol. Mango Icy brings the tropical juiciness of mango to life, with a hint of cooling menthol for a deliciously cool finish. Lastly, Passion Kiwi delivers a succulent fruity mix with the comforting flavor of kiwi to deliver an invigorating experience. All these flavors are offered in the same lightweight and portable design that make Flum Pebble a must-have for on-the-go vapers.


The Flum Pebble Aloe Grape is a rechargeable disposable vape device capable of 6000 puffs in a sleek and compact design. This portable vaporizer features a 14ml ejuice capacity and 5% nicotine levels. Using a mesh coil, this rechargeable device delivers superior flavor and smooth vapor. Its pre-filled nature eliminates the need for oil refills or pod swapping. When you’re ready to vape, simply open the box and puff away!

The Pebble comes in 7 of FLUM’s most popular flavors and features a 600mAh internal battery. Unlike the larger Float, the Pebble’s size optimizes portability for easy travel and on-the-go use.

Lucious Watermelon is a sweet and juicy watermelon flavor. Mango Icy combines a tropical mango taste with an icy menthol finish. Strawberry Coconut fuses sweet strawberries with a light coconut aroma. Melo Ice Cream is a creamy and delicious vanilla ice cream and melon treat. Cool Mint offers a pleasant mix of sweet and icy mint flavor.


The Aloe Grape Flum Pebble disposable e-cigarette delivers a smooth, grape flavor that adds a light ice and aloe finish. The fusion of flavors and convenience of this 6000-puff rechargeable device makes it a perfect on-the-go vape option.

The Flum Pebble features a pre-filled 14mL e-liquid capacity and 5% nicotine level. The vapor is smooth and flavorful thanks to the mesh coil. The portable battery offers up to 6000 puffs, and it’s easily recharged via USB.

Both the Flum Float and Flum Pebble feature a compact, portable design that’s easy to use. The Float looks like a traditional vape pen and has a larger battery, but the Pebble has a smaller design optimized for portability. Choose based on your aesthetic preferences and whether you prioritize portability or battery performance. Both models offer a variety of fruity and classic flavors to suit any taste. They also both have a 5% nicotine level, which is ideal for users who want a satisfying throat hit.


Succulent grapes intertwine with calming aloe for a symphony of flavors that dance on your taste buds. Powered by a rechargeable battery, Flum Pebble delivers 6000 puffs in a compact design that fits comfortably in your hand.

Designed for on-the-go vapers, the Pebble disposable device is pre-filled with 14ml of Flum’s best-selling flavors and 5% nicotine. Its sleek and portable design is equipped with a convenient USB Type-C port for easy charging.

The Pebble is ideal for someone transitioning into vaping and offers enough performance and flavor to satisfy the most demanding vapers. With a price point of around $15 per device, it provides superior value when compared to other similar-priced options on the market.